Posted by: yuk22319 | December 20, 2010

Wintertime Fun

I forget who said it but there is an old saying …. “There is no such thing as bad weather only bad clothing.” Whoever said that obviously did not have little kids. You see we love being outside and doing things but we have two small children under the age of six. They also enjoy doing things outside but have a much shorter time limit before fingers and toes go numb. I remember last year when we took our daughter out to the frozen lake to try ice skating for the first time. She did great but the whole process of walking to the lake then putting on skates and trying to get the laces tight while your hands get cold. She lasted about 30 min but the youngest child did not comprehend the process of events that led to his discomfort. You see its hard to explain to a two year old that the constant removal of ones gloves coupled with constant sticking of little bare hands into the snow and the constant eating of said snow will result in little hands getting very cold. So this year I had a idea. I would like to take credit for this idea but I cant. First off I remember when I was growing up my dad made a skating rink in our backyard and it was awesome. So this year I attempted to duplicate the process. Six 8 foot two by fours and eight bucks of vapor barrier later we had the foundation in place.

If you build it they will come....

After that it was just a matter of filling it up with water and waiting for mother nature to do the rest. In hindsight we probably started about a week to early because the ground was not frozen yet. It took about a week to freeze solid but then mother nature brought the snow and seven plus days of sub freezing temperatures. The end result is a complete success. Now by Ann Arbor MI standards this is a very basic rink. Driving around this week I have seen more than enough regulation size rinks in people’s backyards. Some complete with sideboards. But there is something to be said about putting your skates on in a warm house and walking out and skating in your backyard.

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  1. One of the coolest things I’ve ever experienced! You are an awesome dad for putting this into place!

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