Posted by: yuk22319 | July 14, 2010

10% Tour Update

Ok we just finished Stage 10 of the 10% Tour challenge. I thought I would share some of the highlights with you.

The Proloug was pretty uneventful. Technically we only needed to do .55 miles but with the thought process of possible rain days or life getting in the way we wanted to do a little more. I rode my bike to work and Ann hooked up the tag-a-long and the trailer and did 5 plus miles around the neighbor hood. The other stages were all pretty much right on the money as far as mileage went, most were a little over and a couple were a little under. Most of the time we used various routes to go over to Rolling Hills  County park and let the kids get out and play for a little bit. A couple of times we stopped and picked up dinner on the way back to the house. If your wondering, it is possible to get pizza and cheesy bread or Chinese food in the back of a Burley  Solo trailer.

Somewhere along the line Joseph has turned into a very demanding Director Sportif he spends a lot of time in the trailer shouting at me “Daddy Faster !!” or “Go Daddy GO” like I am Robbie McEwen trying to claw my way up the side of a mountain after getting spit out the back of the peloton . There are a few firsts that have happened also. Ann got her first flat tire in six years, however she also pointed out that she has ridden more in the last few days than she has in the last six years. And Ann and Katelyn got chased by there first dog. Now if you have never been chased by a dog on a bike it always seems to happen when you are going up a hill. It reminded me of one of my favorite scenes from the movie American Flyers when they go out to practice sprinting. Also on Ann’s ride this morning she stayed in the big ring the whole ride.

I have also noticed that Ann and I have different preferences on our rides also. I love roads that go on forever and actually love a big hard climb. Ann is not a fan of big climbs, now don’t bet me wrong she is not a sissy or anything in fact we got caught by surprised by a climb on one of the rides and she was a trooper and made it to the top even though I think Katelyn might of learned a few new words on the way up. Ann HR was around 185 bpm but she did it and I am very proud of her. But Ann hates long straight roads and much prefers roads no longer than 1/2 to 3/4 of a mile before changing scenery.

Well we still have 10 more stages to go and I expect to have a few more stories for you by the end. So stay tuned.

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