Posted by: yuk22319 | February 12, 2010

Tax Time

Well we did our taxes a few days ago, and it gets more frustrating every year. We are a one income family that does OK. We have some kids and a mortgage. Why do taxes have to be so time consuming. By the time you get done gathering up all the information you need. Plugging it in to Turbo Tax checking and rechecking it you have spent countless hours. It is frustrating to see that you made $XX,XXX dollars last year and paid $YY,YYY in taxes but with all the deductions and credits you have a different “taxable income” so your tax liability is different. Dont get me wrong I actually don’t mind paying a reasonable amount of tax. I want my Country to have a strong Military to keep us safe from our enemies. I want my trash picked up and a school system to HELP teach the youth of America but the way the system is set up know makes absolutely no seance . Someone very close to me told me that there live in girlfriend made about $13000 in income last year. After her taxes were done they received a “refund” of over $6000. How is that possible? I wont get into the whole concept of wealth redistribution at this time but its out of control. I will say that I am a big fan of a consumption tax. Something like the Fair Tax makes a lot of seance to me. I recently got into a discussion about all the hidden taxes that the average person pays in the US. Its frustrating to know that when I go to the store to pay for something that the company that made it and the company that sells it are taking all of there Payroll tax, Import tax, Unemployment tax, Gas tax,and the 13 other taxes and considering them a cost of doing business and passing that cost down to me. So not only do I get taxed on my income and pay sales tax but I have to pay all of the corporate taxes also. Maybe by the time our kids are older the will fix the system.

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