Posted by: yuk22319 | January 31, 2010

The myth of the extra paycheck

How many people have a couple of months out of the year when they get the “extra” paycheck. January was one of those months for us. Now don’t get me wrong but getting three paychecks a month is great but up until a we got married it seemed that extra paycheck just kind of disappeared. I remember sitting down and doing one of our first budgets as a married couple and being very excited about the fact that we had an extra paycheck to play with. Before I was married it seemed that the sudden influx of cash was short-lived as I quickly spent it sometimes more than once. We also had a learning experience one month when we had the “extra” paycheck. We failed to increase our gas, grocery,restaurant,entertainment lines and were a little shocked when we realized four weeks into the budget that we had two weeks to go and no money for gas, groceries,restaurant, entertainment envelopes. But after a quick emergency budget  meeting we moved some money around. But remember if you add money to one line you need to add it to another. That is Budget writing 101

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